Xiaomi расширяет семейство смарт-продуктов. Всего за 39 юаней ($6) можно приобрести датчик температуры и влажности, разместить который можно в любом месте квартиры.

Of course, its design is a classic for Xiaomi products, with plain white surface and a thermometer icon on top.

Xiaomi Sensor Through this sensor, users can view the indoor temperature and humidity, temperature detection precision is up to +-0.3 ° c and relative humidity measurement accuracy up to +-3%. Xiaomi sensors support can be set to trigger alerts using the connected app on your smartphone every time temperature or humidity deviate from the specified comfort zone. So what happens when, for example, the air is too dry or temperature too high? The sensors can be connected to Xiaomi’s Smart Plugs and automatically turn on the air humidifier or the air-condition to maintain the atmosphere inside the house as comfortable as it gets. It seems Xiaomi is doing an excellent job in creating its Smart Home ecosystem, an example for other companies to follow with smart but affordable devices. Xiaomi SensorXiaomi SensorXiaomi Sensor Box